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The Practice Manager’s time is all taken up with increased statutory regulation, firefighting and constant staffing issues. And customer service is usually the first to suffer as a result. In a busy dental practice it is virtually impossible to follow up all pending treatment. We can help you source and train the best customer service manager for the role of Treatment coordinator. For smaller practices we provide a follow up services for open treatment and only charge for the signed up treatment.

The role of a treatment coordinator to increase treatment acceptance by converting open treatment plans. The strategy is to call every patient who is diagnosed with treatment that is equivalent to or more than your practice fee for a crown. process. The practice will have more treatment scheduled! Fewer patients will fall through the cracks. Your incomplete treatment printout from the computer will shrink.

Our Treatment Coordinators have:

  • Dental knowledge, and more importantly, an understanding of the dental philosophy of the dentist.
  • Excellent communication skills, poise, professional appearance.
  • Organised, systematic, and with good follow-through.
  • Knowledge of the dental finance and insurance, to help patients use and understand their benefits.
  • Self-confidence to be able to ask a patient to enroll in a treatment plan of thousands of pounds.
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for the positive effect good dentistry has on the patient.
  • Ability to think on his or her feet, on the fly, and with little preparation.