What’s the Fuss or, is it the Buzz? Getting Your Marketing Right

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What’s the Fuss or, is it the Buzz? Getting Your Marketing Right

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It is crucial for small businesses to get their marketing strategy right from the onset, considering that they have to compete with well-established bigger players with much bigger budgets and market presence. Getting your product or service right is crucial. But a key focus from the outset should be mapping out your marketing strategy. Set yourself apart from the competition. Here are some simple marketing steps to keep in mind, which can help you reach more customers more effectively.

Get your story straight

For a marketing strategy to succeed, it’s crucial that brands establish a personal connection with the customer. This is where start-ups have an advantage. Many have an interesting story behind their business idea, which customers can relate to.


Consumers today are overwhelmed with choices. The average human attention span has fallen to eight seconds, and in a packed shopping centre that’s likely to be even less, so eye-catching branding is crucial. Consistency is also key, so ensure your marketing material, advertising, branding and social media is integrated so you are providing one clear, consistent message to consumers. And don’t worry if, at a later point in your business’ journey, you think your brand needs a refresh

Stay close to home, at first

Some start-up business owners tend to think big and strategically. Take the time during your first months of trading to collect people’s thoughts and be open to criticism – and there’s no better place to do this than on your doorstep. Many start-ups begin selling to friends, family, or their local community at small fayres and events. It’s a great way to find out what does and doesn’t work, and can be a valuable initial source of feedback before you take your product elsewhere. That way you can fine-tune any problems before approaching big name stockists or branching out further afield.

Be the right kind of keyboard warrior

As a start-up, you might not be able to afford pay-per-click marketing or take advantage of SEO strategies but the one thing you do have is access to more than two billion Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users. Social media is now one of the key mediums to promote businesses. You need to first ask yourself questions: What are you posting and who are you trying to reach? Is it your target audience, existing consumers or just anyone browsing the web? This is a problem even big companies face, but for start-ups it’s important not to get these confused.

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