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Be enabled to do and focus on what you do best, on your passion – DENTISTRY!!

In an industry that is increasingly becoming heavily regulated and competitive, we are here to provide an array of business services that will help you stay ahead in the game!

Sianté Consultancy Services Limited is a business that specialises in providing consultancy services in business continuity and development, regulatory compliance, clinical governance and legal support, at competitive rates. Our consultants are experienced professionals who have direct experience and proven track records in working in dental practices and or with dentists. We therefore have a real and in-depth working knowledge of the issues facing dentists, dental practices and their patients.

The uniqueness of our services is that we offer a personal bespoke service using a holistic approach. With a comprehensive analysis and understanding of your practice, we help you develop or re-model your business by putting into place systems:
• tailored to meet your specific needs
• enabling you to easily identify and monitor key aspects of your business and
• help you run as an organised and efficient business.

We also offer CPD training for you and your staff aimed at ensuring that your practice is up-to-date with regulatory and other requirements as well as developments in dentistry.

The delivery of our service aims at empowering you by equipping you with systems, tools, knowledge and support needed to maintain a thriving modern dental practice.